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Morphological Analyzer for Agglutinative Languages Using Machine Learning Approaches
This new and state of the art machine learning approach based on sequence labeling and training by kernel methods captures the non-linear relationships in the different aspect of morphological features of natural languages in a better and simpler way. Expand
Grammar Teaching Tools for Tamil language
The Grammar teaching tools in the sentence and word analyzing level for Tamil Language were developed using machine learning based technology and were very useful for second language learners to understand the word and sentence construction in a non-conceptual way. Expand
Morphological Analyzer for Malayalam Using Machine Learning
An efficient and reliable method for implementing Morphological Analyzer for Malayalam using Machine Learning approach has been presented here and the result shows that the system is very effective and after learning it predicts correct grammatical features even forwords which are not in the training set. Expand
A Novel Approach to Morphological Generator for Tamil
The Morphological Generator takes lemma and a Morpho-lexical description as input and gives a word-form as output and is a reverse process of Morphological Analyzer. Expand