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Characterization of maize germplasm for the chemical composition of the grain.
The aim of this research was the evaluation of food grain quality-related traits in a collection of maize populations of different origins, currently used in the framework of breeding and geneticExpand
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Identification of QTLs for grain yield and grain-related traits of maize (Zeamays L.) using an AFLP map, different testers, and cofactor analysis
Abstract We exploited the AFLP®1(AFLP® is a registered trademark of Keygene, N.V.) technique to map and characterise quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for grain yield and two grain-related traits of aExpand
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Recombination mapping of Gli-5, a new gliadin-coding locus on chromosomes 1A and 1B in common wheat
Inheritance studies of gliadin loci on chromosomes 1A and 1B were carried out in the progeny from crosses between cv “Salmone” and six other common wheat varieties. The map distance between the Rg-1Expand
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Genetic and environmental variability in total and soluble β-glucan in European oat genotypes
Abstract A growing interest in oat ( Avena ssp.) soluble fibre (β-glucan) is related to its role in the promotion of human health, and to its utilization in the production of functional foods withExpand
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Allelic variation at the storage protein loci of 55 US‐grown white wheats
Fifty soft white and hard white wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.), and five club wheat cultivars (T. compactum L.) were partially characterized in terms of their storage protein compositions,Expand
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RFLP diversity and relationships among traditional European maize populations
Abstract.Given the large extent of hybrid cultivation, the importance of conserving the diversity of crop genetic resources has given birth to numerous collections of old races. In the present paper,Expand
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Evaluation of ear rot (Fusarium verticillioides) resistance and fumonisin accumulation in Italian maize inbred lines.
Mycotoxin contamination of maize ( Zea mays L.) grain is a global threat to the safety of both human food and animal feed. Hence, the development of maize genotypes with reduced mycotoxinExpand
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The starch-bound alpha-amylase/trypsin-inhibitors in Avena
Oat kernels exhibit an extra-soft texture, a trait recently demonstrated to be largely modulated by starch-bound tryptophan-rich 2S proteins, the vromindolines. In this study, fractionation byExpand
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