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A comparative study of the chromosomes of birds
Karyotype analysis and morphometric measurement of the chromosomes of eleven species of Indian birds are described. The unequivocal identification of W chromosome in the females of five species ofExpand
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Synchrony of mitotic nuclei within a multinucleate cell is more of a biological rule than an exception (13) . Synchronized division of nuclei in multinucleate cells has been reported in slime moldsExpand
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Chromosome studies of cell lines and tumors derived from a single specimen of human leukemic blood by cell culture and heterotransplantation.
Lymphoblasts isolated from the peripheral blood buffy coat of a pediatric patient and maintained in continuous suspension culture (CCRF-SB) have a diploid karyotype of 46 chromosomes. TumorsExpand
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The W chromosome in the females of two Indian species of birds
The heterogametic females of the jungle babbler, Turdoides s. striatus and red-breasted parakeet, Psittacula alexandri fasciata belonging to the orders Passeriformes and Psittaciformes respectivelyExpand
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