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A one-way quantum computer.
A scheme of quantum computation that consists entirely of one-qubit measurements on a particular class of entangled states, the cluster states, which are thus one-way quantum computers and the measurements form the program. Expand
Measurement-based quantum computation on cluster states
We give a detailed account of the one-way quantum computer, a scheme of quantum computation that consists entirely of one-qubit measurements on a particular class of entangled states, the clusterExpand
Topological fault-tolerance in cluster state quantum computation
A fault-tolerant version of the one-way quantum computer using a cluster state in three spatial dimensions using topologically protected quantum gates and equivalence transformations that can be used to simplify fault-Tolerant circuits and to derive circuit identities in a topological manner are described. Expand
Entanglement in Graph States and its Applications
Graph states form a rich class of entangled states that exhibit important aspects of multi-partite entanglement. At the same time, they can be described by a number of parameters that grows onlyExpand
Persistent entanglement in arrays of interacting particles.
These states can be regarded as an entanglement resource since one can generate a family of other multiparticle entangled states such as the generalized Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states of <N/2 qubits by simple measurements and classical communication. Expand
Large-scale modular quantum-computer architecture with atomic memory and photonic interconnects
The practical construction of scalable quantum-computer hardware capable of executing nontrivial quantum algorithms will require the juxtaposition of different types of quantum systems. We analyze aExpand
Fault-tolerant quantum computation with high threshold in two dimensions.
We present a scheme of fault-tolerant quantum computation for a local architecture in two spatial dimensions. The error threshold is 0.75% for each source in an error model with preparation, gate,Expand
Measurement-based quantum computation
Quantum computation offers a promising new kind of information processing, where the non-classical features of quantum mechanics are harnessed and exploited. A number of models of quantum computationExpand
Computational model underlying the one-way quantum computer
This paper presents the computational model underlying the one-way quantum computer and shows that the logical depth is, for certain algorithms, lower than has so far been known for networks. Expand
A fault-tolerant one-way quantum computer
We describe a fault-tolerant one-way quantum computer on cluster states in three dimensions. The presented scheme uses methods of topological error correction resulting from a link between clusterExpand