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Genetic effects of forest management practices: Global synthesis and perspectives
Understanding the genetic impacts of forest management practices is crucial for conservation and management of forest genetic resources. Forest management practices based on selective and clear cutExpand
Proximate nutritional composition and antioxidant properties of Oryza rufipogon, a wild rice collected from Malaysia compared to cultivated rice, MR219.
Wild rice (Oryza rufipogon L) is known as an important germplasm that has specific desirable attributes and a high genetic diversity. The physicochemical and antioxidant properties of O. rufipogonExpand
Stand structure and the genetic diversity of Koompassia malaccensis and Dryobalanops aromatica in unlogged and logged-over stands
The disturbance level of two nearby logged stands, Compartment 118 and Compartment 69 were studied in Ulu Sedili Forest Reserve, Johor. The mean basal area for trees (trees ! 1 cm dbh) in loggedExpand
Evaluation and Bulked Segregant Analysis of Major Yield QTL qtl12.1 Introgressed into Indigenous Elite Line for Low Water Availability under Water Stress
Near isogenic lines carrying large-effect QTL (qtl12.1), which has a consistent influence on grain yield under upland drought stress conditions in a wide range of environments, were evaluated underExpand
Selection of high yielding Jatropha curcas L. accessions for elite hybrid seed production.
Phenotypic selection of individuals is the first step in a selective breeding program for elite hybrid seed production. In this study, a total of 295 Jatropha curcas individuals raised from cuttingsExpand
Genotype × environment assessment for grain qualitytraits in rice
Physicochemical properties of 10 rice advanced breeding lines (BC2F7) across 3 environments in Malaysia were evaluated. Highly significant G × E interactions for all measured quality traits wereExpand
Investigation of infiltration rate for soil-biochar composites of water hyacinth
The objective of this short communication is to investigate the interactive effects of CIF, suction and volumetric water content (VWC) on infiltration rate for compacted soil–biochar (BC) compositesExpand
Utilization of STMS markers to verify admixture in clonal progenies of Acacia mapping populations and relabelling using assignment tests.
Clonal propagation is widely used for Acacia breeding and commercial planting. When a large number of clones are handled, problems with mixings are commonly confronted. Detection of admixture inExpand
The effects of the timing and method of logging on forest structure in Peninsular Malaysia
We investigated the effects of immediate, short-term (2.5 years after logging) and long-term (about 50 years after logging) logging on tree species from different diameter size classes in threeExpand