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Bielschowskysin, a gorgonian-derived biologically active diterpene with an unprecedented carbon skeleton.
Bielschowskysin was shown to exhibit antimalarial activity against Plasmodium falciparum as well as strong anticancer activity against two human cancer cell lines.
New terpenoid constituents from Eunicea pinta.
The secondary metabolite composition of the gorgonian octocoral Eunicea pinta from San Andrés Island, Colombia, is described for the first time and the structures proposed earlier for several uprolide-type cembranolides need revision and that a minor stereochemical correction is also in order for succinolide.
A crystallographically characterized nine-coordinate calcium-phosphocitrate complex as calcification inhibitor in vivo.
The preparation and crystal and molecular structure of a polymeric mixed salt of PC, namely [CaNa(PC)2(H2O)]n (CaNaPC), and its improved calcification inhibition properties compared to its precursor, NaPC are described.
Bipinnatins K-Q, minor cembrane-type diterpenes from the West Indian Gorgonian Pseudopterogorgia kallos: isolation, structure assignment, and evaluation of biological activities.
The in vitro cytotoxicity of bipinnatins 4, 6, and 7 against the NCI tumor cells MCF breast cancer, NCI-H460 non-small cell lung cancer, and SF-268 CNS cancer was evaluated and only bipinnatin Q displayed significant cytotoxic activity.
A novel series of vanadium-sulfite polyoxometalates: synthesis, structural, and physical studies.
Compound 3 comprises a rare example of a non-oxo vanadium(IV) species isolated from aqueous solution and in the presence of the reducing agent SO3(2-), while compound 4 represents a rare examples of an open-framework species isolated at room temperature (20 degrees C).