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The influence of short-range disorder on te martensitic transformation in CuZn and CuZnAl alloys
Abstract The transformation temperature, Ms in CuZn and CuZnAl alloys is changed by quenching from temperatures, TQ >Ms. In CuZn the quench from TQ leads to an increase in Ms, whereas inExpand
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Ordering in ternary β phase Cu Zn Al alloys
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Transformation hardening and energy dissipation in martensitic β-brass
Abstract The temperature- and stress dependence of the martensitic transformation has been studied for single crystals of β-brass. It is found that the energy which is dissipated during theExpand
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The rubber effect in CuZnAl martensite
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Systematic study of the martensitic transformation in a Cu-Zn-Al alloy. Optical microscopy and simultaneous thermosonimetry of a microplate
Abstract Optical observations, simultaneous with the detection of acoustic emission during the martensitic transformation of a 68.5Cu-14.9Zu-16.6Al (at%) show that: (a) the recorded acoustic emissionExpand
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Fatigue in CuZnAl single crystals
Abstract Fatigue properties associated with the β-18R martensitic transformation are analyzed in CuZnAl single crystals. The fatigue induced changes are studied by optical, scanning and electronExpand
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Two way shape memory effect in Cu-Al-Ni single crystals
Abstract The two way shape memory effect (TWSME) was induced in Cu–Al–Ni single crystals by a training method which consisted of applying tensile or compressive stresses at room temperature andExpand
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