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CloudSim: a toolkit for modeling and simulation of cloud computing environments and evaluation of resource provisioning algorithms
We propose CloudSim: an extensible simulation toolkit that enables modeling and simulation of Cloud computing systems and application provisioning environments. Expand
Modeling and simulation of scalable Cloud computing environments and the CloudSim toolkit: Challenges and opportunities
We propose CloudSim: an extensible simulation toolkit that enables modelling and simulation of Cloud computing environments. Expand
InterCloud: Utility-Oriented Federation of Cloud Computing Environments for Scaling of Application Services
We advocate creation of federated Cloud computing environment that facilitates just-in-time, opportunistic, and scalable provisioning of application services, consistently achieving QoS targets under variable workload, resource and network conditions. Expand
CloudSim: A Novel Framework for Modeling and Simulation of Cloud Computing Infrastructures and Services
We propose CloudSim: a new generalized and extensible simulation framework that enables seamless modelling, simulation, and experimentation of emerging Cloud computing infrastructures and management services. Expand
Workload Prediction Using ARIMA Model and Its Impact on Cloud Applications’ QoS
We present the realization of a cloud workload prediction module for SaaS providers based on the autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model and evaluate its accuracy in terms of efficiency in resource utilization and QoS. Expand
Alchemi: A .NET-based Enterprise Grid Computing System
We present Alchemi, a .NETbased framework that provides the runtime machinery and programming environment required to construct enterprise/desktop grids and develop grid applications. Expand
Streaming Big Data Processing in Datacenter Clouds
  • R. Ranjan
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Cloud Computing
  • 10 July 2014
We live in a digital universe in which information and technology are not only around us but also play important roles in dictating the quality of our lives. Expand
Non-Performing Loans and Terms of Credit of Public Sector Banks in India : An Empirical Assessment
This paper explores an empirical approach to the analysis of commercial banks' nonperforming loans (NPLs) in the Indian context. The empirical analysis evaluates as to how banks’ non-performing loansExpand
G-Hadoop: MapReduce across distributed data centers for data-intensive computing
We present the design and implementation of G-Hadoop, a MapReduce framework that aims to enable large-scale distributed data processing across multiple clusters. Expand
Virtual Machine Provisioning Based on Analytical Performance and QoS in Cloud Computing Environments
We present a provisioning technique that automatically adapts to workload changes related to applications for facilitating the adaptive management of system and offering end-users guaranteed Quality of Services (QoS) in large, autonomous, and highly dynamic environments. Expand