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Increased serum interleukin-1-receptor-antagonist concentrations in major depression.
In depressed subjects, there was a significant and positive relationship between serum IL-1-rA and severity of illness and the thesis that depression is accompanied by an immune-inflammatory response is supported. Expand
Age at onset and gender of schizophrenic patients in relation to neuroleptic resistance.
The finding that the difference in age at onset between males and females is smaller in neuroleptic-resistant patients than in neuroLEptic-responsive patients suggests that neuroleptics differ premorbidly as well as after onset of illness. Expand
Fluoride Toxicity in Animals
Introduction.- Sources of fluoride toxicity.- Fluoride kinetics and metabolism.- Toxic effects.- Fluoride tolerance.- Fluoride analysis.- Mitigation and prevention of fluorosis.
Transplacental transmission of Babesia equi (Theileria equi) from carrier mares to foals
The first per-acute and fatal clinical report of transplacental transmission of Theileria equi from carrier mothers to foals from Punjab, India is communicated. Expand
Changes in oxidative stress indices, zinc and copper concentrations in blood in canine demodicosis.
It was concluded that demodicosis is associated with oxidative stress and antioxidant supplementation may be beneficial in management of canine Demodicosis. Expand
Lower plasma CC16, a natural anti-inflammatory protein, and increased plasma interleukin-1 receptor antagonist in schizophrenia: effects of antipsychotic drugs
Results show that schizophrenia is accompanied by an activation of the monocytic arm of CMI and lower plasma levels of a natural anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agent, i.e. CC16, and the latter may constitute a trait market of schizophrenia; and that chronic treatment with atypical antipsychotic agents may normalize lower plasma CC16 and increase plasma sIL-2R. Expand
Enhanced Erythrocytic Lipid Peroxides and Reduced Plasma Ascorbic Acid, and Alteration in Blood Trace Elements Level in Dairy Cows with Mastitis
It was concluded that the blood antioxidant status declines in inflammatory udder conditions, suggesting that incorporation of antioxidants may help in better management of mastitis in dairy cows. Expand
Study of anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activities of seeds of Hyoscyamus niger and isolation of a new coumarinolignan.
The presence of coumarinolignans as major chemical constituent and the reduced dry and wet weight of cotton pellet granuloma in mice suggests that cleomiscosin A is an important constituent of MHN responsible for anti-inflammatory activity. Expand
Stimulatory Effects of L-5-Hydroxytryptophan on Postdexamethasone β-Endorphin Levels in Major Depression
The results show that the acute administration of L-5-HTP may increase the escape of β-endorphin secretion from suppression by dexamethasone in major, but not minor, depression. Expand
Students’ perceptions of educational climate in a new dental college using the DREEM tool
Overall, Tagore Dental College students felt the EC to be acceptable, although some areas need to be revisited to make improvements. Expand