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Baryogenesis during reheating in natural inflation and comments on spontaneous baryogenesis
We calculate the baryon asymmetry created by the decay of a pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson whose interactions violate baryon number conservation. Our results are in disagreement with previous results
New supersymmetric contributions to t-->cV
We calculate the electroweak-like one-loop supersymmetric contributions to the rare and flavor-violating decay of the top quark into a charm quark and a gauge boson: $t->c V$, with $V=\gamma,Z,g$. We
The Angular dependence of the three point correlation function of the cosmic microwave background radiation as predicted by inflationary cosmologies
Inflationary models predict a definite, model-independent, angular dependence for the three-point correlation function of ΔT/T at large angles (≥1°) which we calculate. The overall amplitude is model
Power spectrum generated during inflation
Recently there have been differing viewpoints on how to evaluate the curvature power spectrum generated during inflation. Since the primordial curvature power spectrum is the seed for structure
Effective Chemical Potential in Spontaneous Baryogenesis
Models of spontaneous baryogenesis have an interaction term $\partial_\mu\theta j^\mu_B$ in the Lagrangian, where $j^\mu_B$ is the baryonic current and $\theta$ can be a pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone boson.
Perturbative reheating and gravitino production in inflationary models
The low reheat temperature at the end of inflation from the gravitino bound constrains the creation of heavy Majorana neutrinos associated with models of leptogenesis. However, a detailed view of the
Models of leptogenesis are constrained by the low reheat temperature at the end of reheating associated with the gravitino bound. However, a detailed view of reheating, in which the maximum
Revisiting CMB constraints on Warm Inflation
We revisit the constraints that Planck 2015 temperature, polarization and lensing data impose on the parameters of warm inflation. To this end, we study warm inflation driven by a single scalar field
Temperature of the inflaton and duration of inflation from Wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe data.
It is concluded that there must be additional -foldings of inflation beyond what is needed to solve the horizon problem.