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The Effect of Lameness on Average Daily Gain in Feedlot Steers
Lameness in steers had a significant and meaningful negative effect on ADG later in the feeding period and the effects of lameness on average daily gain (ADG) of feedlot steers were evaluated. Expand
The Value of Heifer and Calf Characteristics in Bred Heifer Price1
Using hedonic modeling to assess the marginal implicit value of bred heifer characteristics, of sire production and carcass characteristic expected progeny differences (EPD) for heifers’ calves, and general market factors, economic value for breeding heifer, expected calf characteristics, and market factors were computed. Expand
Buyers’ perceptions of importance and willingness‐to‐pay for certain attributes of source and production verified bred heifers
This research reports buyers' perceptions of and willingness-to-pay for replacement heifers produced through a rigorous, third-party verified production protocol. Survey respondents attended andExpand
Introduction of a Simple Second Tier Screening Test for C5 Isobars in Dried Blood Spots: Reducing the False Positive Rate for Isovaleric Acidaemia in Expanded Newborn Screening.
A simple test to separate the isobaric compounds in newborn screening blood spots has the potential to significantly reduce FP results for IVA and prevent unnecessary anxiety. Expand
The Value of Carcass Characteristic EPDs in Bred Heifer Price
This study used hedonic modeling to assess the marginal implicit value of bred heifer characteristics and of carcass characteristic expected progeny differences of bred heifer calves. Using data forExpand
Willingness-to-Pay for Value Added Bred Heifer Characteristics The cattle industry has developed a value based marketing system to meet changing consumer demand. However, cattle producer’s managementExpand
How Much Value is there in a Producer Branded Bred Heifer Program
Agricultural producers are pursuing many methods by which to add value. Typically, some type of change in commodity form is used to add value. However, there exist methods by which added value occursExpand
Estimating the Value Added Product Life Cycle
This research analyzes factors affecting product and profit life-cycles for new value added products. The methodology used shows how sales and profits evolve and how exogenous factors affecting salesExpand