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The nature of the coupling between segmental oscillators of the lamprey spinal generator for locomotion: A mathematical model
We present a theoretical model which is used to explain the intersegmental coordination of the neural networks responsible for generating locomotion in the isolated spinal cord of lamprey.AExpand
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Tree size frequency distributions, plant density, age and community disturbance
We show that explicit mathematical and biological relationships exist among the scaling exponents and the allometric constants (a and b, respectively) of log–log linear treecommunity size frequencyExpand
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Lecture Notes on Nonlinear Vibrations
This manuscript is among the initial offerings being published as part of a new approach to scholarly publishing. The manuscript is freely available from the The online version of this work isExpand
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Synchronous Locking of Tidally Evolving Satellites
Abstract Satellite spin states evolve under the action of solid body torques and tidal forces. The tidal effects result in a damping of fast spin rates and, ultimately, in the locking of the spinExpand
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Transition Curves for the Quasi-Periodic Mathieu Equation
In this work we investigate an extension of Mathieu's equation, the quasi-periodic (QP) Mathieu equation given by \[ \ddot{\psi} + [\delta + \eps \,( \cos t + \cos \omega t)]\, \psi = 0 \] for small $\eps$ and irrational $\omega$. Expand
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Averaging using elliptic functions: approximation of limit cycles
SummaryWe apply the method of averaging to first order in the small parameter ε to the autonomous system $$x'' + \alpha x + \beta x^3 + \varepsilon g\left( {x, x'} \right) = 0$$ where we do notExpand
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A Finite Element Shell Analysis of Guard Cell Deformations
ABSTRACT IN this paper the width of the stomatal aperture, as postulated by von Mohl in 1856, is shown to be a function of the hydrostatic (turgor) pressure in the guard cells, Pg, and the pressure,Expand
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Bifurcation of periodic motions in two weakly coupled van der Pol oscillators
Abstract We study a pair of weakly coupled van der Pol oscillators and investigate the bifurcations of phase-locked periodic motions which occur as the coupling coefficients are varied. PerturbationExpand
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Abstract This paper addresses the problem of vibrations of a cracked beam. In general, the motion of such a beam can be very complex. This phenomenon can be attributed to the presence of theExpand
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The transition to chaos in a simple mechanical system
Abstract A simple mechanical device and its response to periodic excitation is considered. The system consists of an inverted pendulum with rigid barriers which limit the amplitude variation from theExpand
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