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The Role of Experience in Software Testing Practice
  • Armin Beer, R. Ramler
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 34th Euromicro Conference Software Engineering…
  • 3 September 2008
The study shows that test design is to a considerable extent based on experience in all three projects and that experience- based testing is an important supplementary approach to requirements-based testing. Expand
Economic perspectives in test automation: balancing automated and manual testing with opportunity cost
An alternative model based on opportunity cost is introduced and influencing factors on the decision of whether or not to invest in test automation are presented and stimulated to stimulate discussion about these factors as well as their influence on the benefits and costs of automated testing. Expand
A first systematic mapping study on combinatorial interaction testing for software product lines
The first systematic mapping study on applying Combinatorial Interaction Testing (CIT) for SPL testing is presented, aiming to identify common trends, gaps, and opportunities for further research and application. Expand
Value-Based Management of Software Testing
This chapter motivates the need for value-based testing, describes practices supporting the management of value- based testing, outlines a framework forvalue-based test management, and illustrates the framework with an example. Expand
GRT: Program-Analysis-Guided Random Testing (T)
Guided Random Testing, which uses static and dynamic analysis to include information on program types, data, and dependencies in various stages of automated test generation, outperforms major peer techniques in terms of code coverage and mutation score. Expand
Automated testing in the continuous delivery pipeline: A case study of an online company
This paper describes how automated testing is used in the continuous delivery pipeline of an Austrian online business company and summarizes the lessons from more than six years of practical experience in establishing and maintaining an effective continuous delivery Pipeline. Expand
From Maintenance to Evolutionary Development of Web Applications: A Pragmatic Approach
The use of conventional methods and tools for maintenance and change management as an infrastructure for evolutionary development of Web applications is discussed. Expand
Experiences and Challenges of Introducing Risk-Based Testing in an Industrial Project
A generic risk-based testing methodology and a procedure how it can be introduced in a test process is presented and several challenges and lessons learned in introducing risk- based testing are identified. Expand
Opportunities and challenges of static code analysis of IEC 61131-3 programs
The paper discusses opportunities static code analysis can offer for PLC programming, it reviews techniques for static analysis, and it describes the tool that implements a rule-based analysis approach for IEC 61131-3 programs. Expand
How to Test the Intangible Properties of Graphical User Interfaces?
  • J. Pichler, R. Ramler
  • Computer Science
  • 1st International Conference on Software Testing…
  • 9 April 2008
A step-by-step guide for manual exploratory testing of theGUI with tools integrated with the tested object can be enhanced with automated elements that directly manipulate the status of the editor, access internal properties of the GUI, and record interactions for bug reporting. Expand