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Heterogeneity in distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in four species of birds
Like mammals, where almost all the centromeres are C-band positive, in birds there is an obvious heterogeneity in the distribution of heterochromatin, and except in the pigeon, C-bands are localised mainly on the macro.chromosomes, whereas in the pigeons the micro-chromosome are predominantly C- band positive. Expand
Odd diploid number in both sexes and a unique multiple sex-chromosome system of a rodent, Vandeleuria o. oleracea (Bennett).
Vandeleuria o . oleracea, a rodent, has an odd diploid number of chromosomes (2n = 29) in somatic and germ cells of males as well as in somatic cells of females. T
An XO female in the Indian mole rat.
DNA replication, G- and C-bands and meiotic behaviour of supernumerary chromosomes of Rattus rattus (Linn.)
The supernumerary chromosomes are late replicating and positively heteropycnotic during meiosis which characterize their heterochromatic nature and their G-banding patterns do not exactly resemble the patterns exhibited by the chromosomes of similar size and morphology of the normal complement. Expand
Variation of constitutive heterochromatin in the sex chromosomes of the rodent Bandicota bengalensis bengalensis (Gray)
The preponderance of homozygotes for each type of X chromosome in populations, suggested the probable role of sex chromosomes heterochromatin in speciation. Expand
Similarity in karyotypes ofRattus rattus with 38 chromosomes from India and other parts of the world
Es wurden überall 38 Chromosomen gefunden, verursacht durch Robertsonische Verbindung von 4 akrozentischen Paaren von Rattus rattus wroughtoni mit 42 chromosomen. Expand
Supernumerary chromosomes in Bandicota indica nemorivaga and a female individual with XX/XO mosaicism
Supernumerary chromosomes and an XX/XO mosaic individual of B. i. nemorivaga are described. The supernumeraries are small metacentric chromosomes and are stained all along their length in C-bandExpand
A customised portable LogMAR chart with adjustable chart illumination for use as a mass screening device in the rural population.
The customised portable LogMAR chart with adjustable illumination shows less test-retest variability and better agreement with standard ETDRS chart; therefore, it can be used as a mass vision-screening device in rural settings. Expand