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Succinct indexable dictionaries with applications to encoding k-ary trees and multisets
A structure that supports both operations in <i>O</i>(1) time on the RAM model and an information-theoretically optimal representation for cardinal cardinal trees and multisets where (appropriate generalisations of) the select and rank operations can be supported in 1) time. Expand
Succinct indexable dictionaries with applications to encoding k-ary trees, prefix sums and multisets
In the cell probe model, the O(lg lg m) additive term can be removed from the space bound, answering a question raised by Fich and Miltersen [1995] and Pagh [2001]. Expand
Representing Trees of Higher Degree
These representations use a number of bits close to the information theoretic lower bound and support operations in constant time, giving unique labels to the nodes of the tree, which can be used to store satellite information with the nodes efficiently. Expand
Sorting in linear time?
We show that a unit-cost RAM with a word length of bits can sort integers in the range in time, for arbitrary ! , a significant improvement over the bound of " # $ achieved by the fusion trees ofExpand
Succinct ordinal trees with level-ancestor queries
This work focuses on static ordinal trees, i.e., arbitrary static rooted trees where the children of each node are ordered, and considers suc cinct or space-efficient representations of trees that efficiently support a variety of navigation operations. Expand
Priority Queues: Small, Monotone and Trans-dichotomous
  • R. Raman
  • Computer Science
  • ESA
  • 25 September 1996
We consider two data-structuring problems which involve performing priority queue (pq) operations on a set of integers in the range 0..2w−1 on a unit-cost RAM with word size ω bits.
Succinct Dynamic Dictionaries and Trees
It is shown that a binary tree on n nodes, where each node has b = O(lg n)-bit data stored at it, can be maintained under node insertions while supporting navigation in O(1) time and updates in O((lg lg n)1+Ɛ) amortised time, for any constant Ɛ > 0. Expand
Engineering the LOUDS Succinct Tree Representation
This paper focuses on the practical performance of the fundamental Level-Order Unary Degree Sequence (LOUDS) representation, and proposes variants of LOUDS++, a succinct representation of large static XML documents, and tests involve traversing XML documents in various canonical orders. Expand
Succinct Dynamic Data Structures
P succinct data structures are developed to represent a sequence of values to support partial sum and select queries and update and a dynamic array which supports insertion, deletion and access of an element at any given index. Expand
Random access to grammar-compressed strings
Two representations of a string of length n compressed into a context-free grammar of size n achieving random access time and several new techniques and data structures of independent interest are introduced, including a predecessor data structure, two "biased" weighted ancestor data structures, and a compact representation of heavy- paths in grammars. Expand