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Andrographolide, a potential cancer therapeutic agent isolated from Andrographis paniculata.
Andrographis paniculata plant extract is known to possess a variety of pharmacological activities. Andrographolide, the major constituent of the extract is implicated towards its pharmacologicalExpand
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Decreased Prevalence of Lymphatic Filariasis among Diabetic Subjects Associated with a Diminished Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Response (CURES 83)
Epidemiological studies have shown an inverse correlation between the incidence of lymphatic filariasis (LF) and the incidence of allergies and autoimmunity. However, the interrelationship between LFExpand
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Antidiabetic and hypolipidemic activity of Helicteres isora in animal models.
Helicteres isora (Sterculiaceae) root juice has been used in the treatment of diabetes by several ethnic groups in different parts of India. A program was initiated to elucidate the scientific basisExpand
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Synthesis and biological activity of novel pyrimidinone containing thiazolidinedione derivatives.
A series of pyrimidinone derivatives of thiazolidinediones were synthesized. Their biological activity were evaluated in insulin resistant, hyperglycemic and obese db/db mice. In vitro PPARgammaExpand
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DRF 3188 a novel semi-synthetic analog of andrographolide: cellular response to MCF 7 breast cancer cells
BackgroundWe determined the effect of andrographolide and one of its novel semi-synthetic analog, DRF 3188, on the cell cycle of MCF 7 breast cancer cells.MethodsThe effect of the compounds on cellExpand
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Diuretic Effects, Pharmacokinetics, and Safety of a New Centrally Acting Kappa‐Opioid Agonist (CI‐977) in Humans
The diuretic effects, pharmacokinetics, and safety of CI‐977, a new centrally acting selective kappa‐opioid agonist, were determined in 16 healthy subjects. Subjects received single intramuscularExpand
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Posttonsillectomy pain relief and epithelialization with honey
To assess the ability of honey to reduce pain and promote epithelialization on posttonsillectomy wounds. Materials and methods: A prospective randomized control study was conducted on 60 patientsExpand
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Diabetes and insulin resistance associated disorders: Disease and the therapy
An overwhelming increase in metabolic syndrome, i.e., obesity, insulin resistance and dyslipidemia has led to type 2 or insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus assuming epidermic proportions. Currently,Expand
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Novel euglycemic and hypolipidemic agents. 4. Pyridyl- and quinolinyl-containing thiazolidinediones.
A series of substituted pyridyl- and quinolinyl-containing 2, 4-thiazolidinediones having interesting cyclic amine as a linker have been synthesized. Both unsaturated thiazolidinediones 5 andExpand
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