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SAR Automatic Target Recognition Using Discriminative Graphical Models
The problem of automatically classifying sensed imagery such as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) into a canonical set of target classes is widely known as automatic target recognition (ATR). A typicalExpand
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Analysis of radar human gait signatures
The authors develop methods for the time-frequency (TF) analysis of human gait radar signals. In particular the authors demonstrate how knowledge of different motion classes can be obtained via aExpand
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Meta-classifiers for exploiting feature dependencies in automatic target recognition
Of active interest in automatic target recognition (ATR) is the problem of combining the complementary merits of multiple classifiers. This is inspired by decades of research in the area which hasExpand
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What's mine is yours: Pretrained CNNs for limited training sonar ATR
Finding mines in Sonar imagery is a significant problem with a great deal of relevance for seafaring military and commercial endeavors. Unfortunately, the lack of enormous Sonar image data sets hasExpand
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Analysis of radar dismount signatures via non-parametric and parametric methods
We present novel approaches to the analysis of radar dismount signatures that entail the characterization of the time-frequency (TF) structure of the received radar signal associated with theExpand
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Non-Stationarity Detection in Natural Images
We present a novel approach for non-stationarity detection in natural images by exploiting the prior knowledge of the independent component structure of scene statistics. Our proposedExpand
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Automatic target recognition using discriminative graphical models
Of recent interest in automatic target recognition (ATR) is the problem of combining the merits of multiple classifiers. This is commonly done by “fusing” the soft-outputs of several classifiers intoExpand
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ISAR imaging in sea clutter via compressive sensing
We investigate the application of compressive sensing (CS) to inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging of moving targets. We present our results for a simulated target immersed in differentExpand
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Robust Sonar ATR Through Bayesian Pose-Corrected Sparse Classification
  • J. McKay, V. Monga, R. Raj
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote…
  • 26 June 2017
Sonar imaging has seen vast improvements over the last few decades due in part to advances in synthetic aperture sonar. Sophisticated classification techniques can now be used in sonar automaticExpand
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MICA: A Multilinear ICA Decomposition for Natural Scene Modeling
  • R. Raj, A. Bovik
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • 1 March 2008
We refine the classical independent component analysis (ICA) decomposition using a multilinear expansion of the probability density function of the source statistics. In particular, we introduce aExpand
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