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Novel aminoglycosides increase SMN levels in spinal muscular atrophy fibroblasts
Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is the leading genetic cause of infant mortality. SMA is caused by the homozygous absence of survival motor neuron-1 (SMN1). SMN2, a nearly identical copy gene, isExpand
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Synthesis and Pharmacological Activity of a Potent Inhibitor of the Biosynthesis of the Endocannabinoid 2‐Arachidonoylglycerol
Biosynthesis Inhibition: O‐5596, a new inhibitor of the biosynthesis of the endocannabinoid, 2‐arachidonoylglycerol, was synthesized and found to be potent (IC50=100 nM) and selective versus otherExpand
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Pyranmycins, a novel class of aminoglycosides with improved acid stability: the SAR of D-pyranoses on ring III of pyranmycin.
[reaction: see text] The synthesis of a novel class of aminoglycosides, pyranmycins, is reported along with the structure activity relationship (SAR) of their antibacterial activity againstExpand
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Synthesis of trehalose-based compounds and their inhibitory activities against Mycobacterium smegmatis.
The synthesis of a library of trehalose-based compounds has been accomplished, and their activities against Mycobacterium smegmatis have been determined. A preliminary structure-activity relationshipExpand
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Synthesis of novel aminoglycosides via allylic azide rearrangement for investigating the significance of 2'-amino group.
Using allylic azide rearrangement, a convenient method has been developed for the synthesis of 2',3'-dideoxyaminoglycosides that are, otherwise, difficult to be prepared. The antibacterial activityExpand
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A Review on Intention Models for Predicting Entrepreneurial Behavior
Entrepreneurship development is viewed as the success mantra in the upliftment of social and economic backwardness. The development of the entrepreneurial mindset is assumed that an outcome of properExpand
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Application of the synthetic aminosugars for glycodiversification: synthesis and antimicrobial studies of pyranmycin.
A divergent approach was employed for the synthesis of aminosugars, from which a novel library of aminoglycoside antibiotics (pyranmycins) was synthesized. Pyranmycins have comparable antibacterialExpand
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Investigation of antibacterial mode of action for traditional and amphiphilic aminoglycosides.
Aminoglycoside represents a class of versatile and broad spectrum antibacterial agents. In an effort to revive the antibacterial activity against aminoglycoside resistant bacteria, our laboratory hasExpand
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Novel Method for the Synthesis of 3′,4′‐Dideoxygenated Pyranmycin and Kanamycin Compounds, and Studies of Their Antibacterial Activity Against Aminoglycoside‐Resistant Bacteria
A novel protocol for converting a trans‐diol to an alkene under mild conditions was developed. This method led to the synthesis of a 3′,4′‐dideoxykanamycin (dibekacin) analog and aExpand
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