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On the Stability of Damped Timoshenko Systems: Cattaneo Versus Fourier Law
We consider hyperbolic Timoshenko-type vibrating systems that are coupled to a heat equation modeling an expectedly dissipative effect through heat conduction. While exponential stability under theExpand
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Timoshenko systems with indefinite damping
Abstract We consider the Timoshenko system in a bounded domain ( 0 , L ) ⊂ R 1 . The system has an indefinite damping mechanism, i.e. with a damping function a = a ( x ) possibly changing sign,Expand
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Lectures on nonlinear evolution equations
Introduction.- 1. Global solutions to wave equations - existence theorems.- 2. L^p - L^q-decay estimates for the linear we equation.- 3. Linear symmetric hyperbolic systems.- 3.1 Energy estimates.-Expand
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Global stability of large solutions to the 3D Navier-Stokes equations
We prove the stability of mildly decaying global strong solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations in three space dimensions. Combined with previous results on the global existence of large solutionsExpand
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Asymptotic behavior of solutions in linear 2- or 3-d thermoelasticity with second sound
We consider thermoelastic systems in two or three space dimensions where thermal disturbances are modeled propagating as wavelike pulses traveling at finite speed. This is done using Cattaneo's lawExpand
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Thermoelasticity with second sound—exponential stability in linear and non‐linear 1‐d
We consider linear and non-linear thermoelastic systems in one space dimension where thermal disturbances are modelled propagating as wave-like pulses travelling at finite speed. This removal of theExpand
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Energy decay for Timoshenko systems of memory type
Abstract Linear systems of Timoshenko type equations for beams including a memory term are studied. The exponential decay is proved for exponential kernels, while polynomial kernels are shown to leadExpand
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Ill-posed problems in thermomechanics
Abstract Several thermomechanical models have been proposed from a heuristic point of view. A mathematical analysis should help to clarify the applicability of these models, among those recentExpand
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A note on stability in three-phase-lag heat conduction
In this note we consider two cases in the theory of the heat conduction models with three-phase-lag. For each one we propose a suitable Lyapunov function. These functions are relevant tools whichExpand
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Asymptotic stability and global existence in thermoelasticity with symmetry
First we prove an exponential decay result for solutions of the equations of linear, homogeneous, isotropic thermoelasticity in bounded regions in two or three space dimensions if the rotation of theExpand
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