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Simultaneous heart and kidney transplantation after bridging with the CardioWest total artificial heart.
End-stage renal failure is often considered a relative contraindication for total artificial heart implantation due to the increased risk of mortality after transplantation. We report the successfulExpand
Ferromagnetic Heating for Vessel Sealing and Division
Introduction. Vessel sealing technologies have improved surgical efficiency and outcomes. Ferromagnetic technology has potential utility in this area. The aim of this study was to evaluateExpand
The toxicity of cyromazine to Chironomus zealandicus (chironomidae) and Deleatidium sp. (leptophlebiidae)
The toxicity of cyromazine and a commercial formulation, 'Vetrazin'®, to Chironomus zealandicus (thummi) Hudson and Deleatidium sp. was investigated. Under acute test conditions, the LC 50 values forExpand
Infestation of gorse pods by Cydia ulicetana and Exapion ulicis in the South Island of New Zealand
The effectiveness of Cydia ulicetana (Haworth) (gorse pod moth) and Exapion ulicis (Förster) (gorse seed weevil) at reducing annual production of gorse seed (Ulex europaeus L.) was compared at sixExpand
Energy supplementation of steers grazing early-season, native range: effects on grazing and subsequent finishing performance and carcass merit
Crossbred beef steers (n = 328, initially 495 lb) were used to determine the effects of energy supplementation on grazing and subsequent finishing performance of steers grazing early-season, nativeExpand
The phenology of Cydia succedana on gorse in Canterbury
C. Sixtus is grateful to Lincoln University Postgraduate Research Fund and Landcare Research for the provision of funds.
The effect of temperature and scarification method on gorse ( Ulex europaeus L. ) seed germination
As part of a study of gorse (Ulex europaeus L.) biocontrol, the scarification requirements to maximise germination of freshly harvested seed were investigated. Both time of immersion in concentratedExpand
Thrips incidence on grape flowers in New Zealand
A survey was conducted during the spring of 2001 to determine the prevalence and species of thrips infesting grape flowers in the main wine grape regions within New Zealand. Five growers from eachExpand
As part of a study of gorse (Ulex europaeus L.) biocontrol, the effectiveness of the gorse seed weevil (Exapion ulicis (Forster)) in controlling the amount of viable seed was investigated. Some seedExpand