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This experiment viewed to evaluate the physiological quality of grain sorghum seeds as well as to determine the respective drying curve of each of three drying methods. The seeds harvested at 18.9%,Expand
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Aspectos térmico-biológicos da germinação de sementes de cornichão anual sob diferentes temperaturas
The objective of this research was to determine the minimal, optimal and maximal temperatures for seed germination of Lotus subbiflorus Lag., using germination percentage, speed, frequency,Expand
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Temperature requirements for seed germination of Pereskia aculeata and Pereskia grandifolia.
Pereskia aculeata and Pereskia grandifolia have been studied widely due to their high nutritional and therapeutic values. However, little is known about the biological requirements of their seeds forExpand
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Análise de trilha dos componentes do rendimento de sementes de trevo-branco
The objective of this study was, by using a path analysis of seed yield in white clover, to obtain basic information for use in management strategies for higher seed production and higher naturalExpand
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Produção de sementes de quatro ecótipos de Paspalum nativos do Rio Grande do Sul
The objective of this study was to investigate components of production and seed production of two Paspalum species. It was evaluated two ecotypes of Paspalum notatum and Bagual) and two ecotypes ofExpand
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Florescimento e produção de sementes de Lotus subbiflorus Lag. cv. El Rincón
The aim of this work was to evaluate the dynamic of the flowering and the Lotus subbiflorus Lag. Cv. "El Rincon"seed production potential. The variables studied through weekly samples from 11/13/2008Expand
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Genetic divergence among interspecific Paspalum hybrids based on seed production traits Divergência genética entre híbridos interespecíficos de Paspalum baseada em caracteres da produção de sementes
The use of genetic divergence as a basis for identifying superior individuals, with greater heterozygosity, is important in view of the difficulty when selecting of dissimilar genotypes exhibitingExpand
Overcoming dormancy and determining optimal temperature for slender serradella seed germination
The objective of this study was to identify the most efficient method for overcoming coat-imposed dormancy and determine the optimal germination temperature for Ornithopus pinnatus seeds. TreatmentsExpand
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Genetic assessment of seed yield-related traits in superior hybrids of Paspalum plicatulum × Paspalum guenoarum
ABSTRACT This study aimed to estimate the genetic parameters, genetic correlations, genetic dissimilarity, and predicted gains with the selection of interspecific apomictic Paspalum plicatulum ×Expand