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Leprosy in the United States, 1967-76.
A LEPROSY CONTROL PROGRAM consisting mainly of the surveillance of the contacts of persons in the United States with leprosy apparently has been reasonably successful in achieving its goal ofExpand
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Postexposure bake as a process-control parameter for chemically amplified photoresist
A new method is described for the real-time in-line control of critical dimensions for positive- tone chemically amplified resist systems. The technique relies on the generation of a diffractionExpand
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Anti‐predator defences of a web‐building spider, Holocnemus pluchei (Araneae, Pholcidae)
Anti-predator defence behaviour of Holocnemus pluchei (Araneae, Pholcidae) was studied in the laboratory and the field. Bouncing, in which this web-building spider moves its body rapidly up and downExpand
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Dream Consciousness in Problem Solving
The conventional paradigm for understanding dreams is to divide human experience into two realms: the sleep state in which dream thought appears and the waking state in which conscious thoughtExpand
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Aggregations of Mallos and Dictyna(Araneae, Dictynidae):Population Characteristics
Generally web spiders are solitary animals. Usually only a single spider occupies a single web, with the relatively common exception of webs jointly occupied by a male-female pair or females withExpand
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System for assembling three-dimensional object and assembling method
PURPOSE: To provide a system for assembling a three-dimensional object by which it is possible to easily perform the assembling work under computer control. CONSTITUTION: A closed loop extrusionExpand
Procede et appareil de realisation de prototypes solides
Systeme ameliore de fabrication par extrusion comprenant une ou plusieurs extrudeuses, chaque extrudeuse contenant au moins deux etages de pressurisation croissante. Selon un mode de realisationExpand
Method of controlling photoengraving tool
PURPOSE: To enhance the accuracy for positioning of a wafer, relative to a mask by aligning a latent image of a check mark printed on a photoresist layer with a positioning mark formed previously onExpand
Mathematical modelling and clinical trials.
Latent image measurements in electron beam exposed polymethylmethacrylate
Undeveloped and unbaked paterns or latent images (LI) in polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) have been observed and measured using different measurement techniques. Results from two common‐path basebandExpand
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