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Suicide incidence and risk factors in an active duty US military population.
OBJECTIVES The goal of this study was to investigate and identify risk factors for suicide among all active duty members of the US military during 2005 or 2007. METHODS The study used aExpand
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Stable isotope ratios and contaminant concentrations in a sewage-distorted food web
Concentrations of selected neutral organic contamlnants and stable isotope ratios of carbon nltrogen and deu tenudhydrogen In invertebrates and fish were compared from near a large, 60m deepExpand
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Some Latin American Genera of Hypnaceae (Musci)
A taxonomic revision of 16 of the 21 genera of the large pleurocarpous moss family Hypnaceae is presented for Latin America (Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, and South America). This studyExpand
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Grimmias of the World
Primary Succession and Ecosystem Rehabilitation by Lawrence Walker and Roger del Moral begins with a good introduction suggesting why one would want to learn about this topic. The authors’ treatmentsExpand
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Taxonomic studies on the genus Atrichum in North America
A taxonomic study was made of several North American taxa in the genus Atrichum. The primary emphasis was on the Canadian taxa and a key to the six species (A. altecristatum, A. angustatum, A.Expand
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Aeromedical regulation of aviators using selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for depressive disorders.
This report, prepared at the request of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), reviews the present status of aeromedical regulation of depressive disorders and antidepressant medications,Expand
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Isopterygium tenerifolium (Hypnaceae, Bryophyta) — One more Afro-American Disjunct
Abstract: Ochyra, R. & Ireland, R. R. 2016. Isopterygium tenerifolium (Hypnaceae, Bryophyta) — one more Afro-American disjunct. − Herzogia 29: 72−78. The original material of BrachytheciumExpand
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