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Contour Interaction in the Preschool Child
ABSTRACT Preschool children show poorer visual acuity when tested with multiple optotypes than when tested with isolated optotypes. This difference in performance could be the result of contourExpand
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The nature of inactive renin in human plasma and amniotic fluid.
1. The properties of inactive and active renin in human plasma and amniotic fluid were studied chromatographically. Activation was achieved at pH 3.3 with and without added pepsin. 2. Acid activationExpand
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Fluorescence microscopy procedure for quantitation of yeasts in beverages.
Existing methods for quantitating yeasts in beverages include time-consuming plate counts that detect only living cells and hemacytometer counts that are reliable only at very high concentrationsExpand
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Search for genes involved in Joubert syndrome: evidence that one or more major loci are yet to be identified and exclusion of candidate genes EN1, EN2, FGF8, and BARHL1.
Joubert syndrome (JS) is a rare autosomal recessive malformation syndrome involving agenesis or dysgenesis of the cerebellar vermis with accompanying brainstem malformations. JS is furtherExpand
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Evidence that spontaneous situs inversus in cultured neural plate staged rat embryos is additive with and not mediated through adrenergic mechanisms.
Approximately 50% of untreated presomite rat embryos in culture have demonstrated inversions of cardiac looping (laeval instead of dextral) or tail flexure (left-sided instead of right-sided), orExpand
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Rat embryo culture to detect nutritional deficiency in women with poor reproductive histories.
The cause of habitual early pregnancy loss is not known for most affected couples. It has been proposed that a deficiency of amino acids or other nutrients may contribute to early embryo loss, and anExpand
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[Metabolism of dietary sulfate: absorption and excretion in man].
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