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Iodine-129: Its Occurrenice in Nature and Its Utility as a Tracer
Substantial additional contributions have been made by fission-produced I129 in fallout, serving as an intrinsic tracer for natural iodine kinetics, and this work concludes that iodine-129 activation analysis has advantages as a tracer technique. Expand
Chlorine-36 in pitchblende
Abstract The natural occurrence of chlorine-36 in pitchblende has been established. The specific activity of chlorine in Great Bear Lake pitchblende, (4 ± 1) disintegrations per minute per gram ofExpand
Practical physical aspects in the use of radioactive cobalt 60 as a radium substitute.
Dating and Authenticating Works of Art by Measurement of Natural Alpha Emitters
A method for distinguishing between modern and old samples of lead has been used to analyze certain works of art. The basis of the method is the detection of radioactive lead-210, which decays with aExpand
Determination of Iodine-131 in Urine.∗
A dipping counter mounted on a modified microscope base using a blackened test tube with a sample large enough to cover the sensitive area of the tube was used and counting of gamma radiations is quite reproducible by this procedure. Expand
The study of chemical problems with radioactive and enriched stable isotopes as tracers is rapidly gaining in popularity, consonant with increasing availability of tracer nuclides and theirExpand