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Protein S deficiency and HIV infection.
Endothelial cell dysfunction in HIV infection.
We have investigated plasma levels of endothelial cell products playing a role in hemostasis in 125 HIV-positive patients and 30 controls. Antigenic von Willebrand factor increased significantly withExpand
Correlation between surrogate markers, viral load, and disease progression in HIV-1 infection.
Surrogate markers generally used for observation of patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and their plasma and cellular viral load were assayed in a series of 40 patients beforeExpand
[Epilepsy seizures in HIV infection. 52 cases].
Fifty-two patients at various stages of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection who had one or several epileptic seizures in the course of that disease were retrospectively studied from 1985 toExpand
Intestinal spirochaetosis in HIV infected homosexual men.
ascribed to her uraemia. Treatment was commenced with sulindac. Several days later she was admitted with fever and diarrhoea. Stool and blood cultures grew Salmonella dublin which was treated with aExpand
Experimental venous thrombosis in rats treated with heparin and a low molecular weight heparin fraction.
An unfractionated mucosal heparin preparation and a low molecular weight heparin fraction were randomly administered to rats subcutaneously. This injection was made on rats with experimentallyExpand
In vivo neutralization of low-molecular weight heparin fraction CY 216 by protamine.
The neutralization in vivo of a low molecular weight heparin by protamine was investigated. Large doses and excessive doses of intravenously administered CY 216 were studied. An intravenous injectionExpand