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Comparison of verbal behavior in right-handed and non right-handed patients with anatomically verified lesion of one hemisphere.
Findings support the hypothesis that most NRH patients show less marked dominance for language in comparison with RH patients, and do not represent a uniform group and some significant differences in language disturbance are found, depending on which hand is used for writing. Expand
Statistical Evidence of Neuropsychological Syndromes in Left-Handed and Ambidextrous Patients
Summary The connection between disturbance of higher brain performance and the lateralisation of a lesion in one of the hemispheres was examined in 58 left-handed or ambidextrous patients. Alexia wasExpand
A case of "prosopagnosia" with necropsy findings.
Neuropsychological examination revealed deficits in discriminating and identifying faces as well as complex visual patterns which cannot be readily verbalised in Prosopagnosia. Expand
[Introduction of psychological methods in neuropsychopharmacology].
[Configuration frequency analysis of aphasia-specific test results].
[Neuropsychological methods of examination of age-specific performance parameters (author's transl)].
The result of the present study involving measurements at the psychophysiological measurement level are compared with data of a previous study and no statistically significant differences of the investigated performance parameters were found. Expand
Interpolation, Triangulation and Numerical Integration on Closed Manifolds
The first part of the paper deals with the interpolation and triangulation of closed manifolds. Let Γ be a closed surface in ℝ3, which is implicitly given by a function H(x) = 0. We present a newExpand