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global surface temperature
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Incentive-based Approaches to Sustainable Fisheries
The failures of traditional target-species management have led many to propose an ecosystem approach to fisheries to promote sustainability. The ecosystem approach is necessary, especially to accountExpand
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Private Property and Economic Efficiency: A Study of a Common‐Pool Resource*
The British Columbia halibut fishery provides a natural experiment of the effects of “privatizing the commons.” Using firm‐level data from the fishery 2 years before private harvesting rights wereExpand
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Social capital and fisheries governance
Abstract This paper analyzes how social capital influences fisheries governance. Social capital is shown to play a crucial role in promoting trust and co-operation among fishers, and can reduce theExpand
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Prices Versus Rationing: Marshallian Surplus and Mandatory Water Restrictions
An aggregate daily water demand for Sydney is estimated and used to calculate the difference in Marshallian surplus between using the metered price of household water to regulate total consumptionExpand
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Property Rights in a Fishery: Regulatory Change and Firm Performance
A new method is introduced and applied to analyse changes in productivity of firms harvesting a natural capital stock. The index-number technique decomposes the contributions of output prices,Expand
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Individual transferable quotas: theory and practice
  • R. Q. Grafton
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  • Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
  • 1 March 1996
The paper examines the theory and practice of individual transferable quotas (ITQs) in fisheries. Using the experience of several countries, a number of ITQ programmes are examined with respect toExpand
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national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS)
The NSR program was designed to ensure that new facilities would not threaten air quality and still allow for economic growth. The NSR program has been in effect since 1980. There are two parts ofExpand
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Individual transferable quotas in multispecies fisheries
Dale Squires and Samuel F. Herrick, Jr are at the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, P.O. Box 271, La Jolla, California 92038-0271, USA. Harry Campbell is at the University of Queensland,Expand
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Adaptation to climate change in marine capture fisheries
This paper responds to the challenge of how and when to adapt marine capture fisheries to climate change by (1) providing a set of fisheries policy options to climate change; (2) developing a riskExpand
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