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Estimated lifetime prevalence of trichotillomania in college students.
BACKGROUND Trichotillomania, a disorder of hair pulling, has been considered a rare condition. Estimations of the prevalence of this disorder have been based largely on clinical experience, and thereExpand
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Prevalence of cardiomyopathy in apparently healthy cats.
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of cardiomyopathy and the relationship between cardiomyopathy and heart murmurs in apparently healthy cats. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. ANIMALS 103Expand
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Names are key to the big new biology.
Those who seek answers to big, broad questions about biology, especially questions emphasizing the organism (taxonomy, evolution and ecology), will soon benefit from an emerging names-basedExpand
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Assessing undiscovered fish biodiversity on deep coral reefs using advanced self-contained diving technology
Due primarily to limitations of existing technology, deep (60-150 m) coral reefs have remained largely unexplored. In 1989 I began developing the use of mixed-gas SCUBA and other technical' divingExpand
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ZooBank: Developing a nomenclatural tool for unifying 250 years of biological information*
Nomenclature represents the backbone upon which virtually all biological information is organized. However, the practice of zoological nomenclature has changed relatively little since its start inExpand
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Bulimia: a report of 34 cases.
A series of 34 patients with Bulimia is presented. The patients were young females who usually experienced the onset of eating problems by early adulthood. Most had binge eating episodes on a dailyExpand
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Eating related and general psychopathology in obese females with binge eating disorder.
One hundred obese women with a mean age of 39.2 years, and a mean body mass index (BMI) of 35.9 kg/m2 were evaluated before entering a treatment study for weight reduction. According to the resultsExpand
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Mesophotic coral ecosystems are threatened and ecologically distinct from shallow water reefs
Deep coral reefs are different Coral reefs are under intense pressure from anthropogenically induced climate warming and habitat destruction. It has been suggested that coral reefs in deeper watersExpand
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Movements, reproductive seasonality, and fisheries interactions in the whitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus) from community-contributed photographs
Despite being a common apex-level predator on coral reefs throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific, surprisingly little is known about whitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus) movements and biology. ThisExpand
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A comprehensive investigation of mesophotic coral ecosystems in the Hawaiian Archipelago
Although the existence of coral-reef habitats at depths to 165 m in tropical regions has been known for decades, the richness, diversity, and ecological importance of mesophotic coral ecosystemsExpand
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