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Index Numbers for Waterbird Populations. I. Review and Methodology
This paper reviews methods used to estimate bird population index numbers and proposes a new method. An index number for a year is defined as the ratio of the population size in the year to theExpand
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Population consequences of winter habitat loss in a migratory shorebird. I. Estimating model parameters
1. In order to construct a model to predict the effect of winter habitat loss on the migratory population of the European subspecies of the oystercatcher, Haematopus ostralegus ostralegus, data onExpand
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The breeding biology of Dark-bellied Brent Geese Branta b. bernicla and King Eiders Somateria spectabilis on the northeastern Taimyr Peninsula, especially in relation to Snowy Owl Nyctea scandiaca
It was established that Brent geese nesting in the northeastern Taimyr Peninsula belong to the nominate race Branta bernicla bernicla. Brent Geese and King Eiders were found nesting close to SnowyExpand
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The role of the Orkney Islands as a spring staging post for turnstones Arenaria interpres
Patterns of change in numbers and mass of Turnstones in two parts of Orkney during winter and spring were compared. On Mainland and South Ronaldsay, Turnstone numbers were generally stable duringExpand
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Birds, milk, and campylobacter
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The ecology and conservation of the Aldabran brush warbler Nesillas aldabranus
The Aldabran brush warbler, Nesillas aldabranus , is one of the world’s rarest birds. Studies conducted over the course of 2 years indicate that its distribution is probably restricted to one smallExpand
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Determinants of social dominance and inheritance of agonistic behavior in an island population of silvereyes, Zosterops lateralis
SummaryWe examined components of agonistic behavior and dominance in parents and offspring of silvereyes on Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, to discover their determinants. The data were collectedExpand
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