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Replication of adenovirus DNA in vitro is ATP‐independent
Using a reconstituted system for adenovirus DNA replication we tested the requirements for ATP and divalent cations. At the standard Mg2+ concentration ATP stimulated initiation 5 to 10‐fold.Expand
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The adenovirus terminal protein influences binding of replication proteins and changes the origin structure.
The adenovirus terminal protein (TP) is covalently linked to the 5' ends of the adenovirus genome and enhances DNA replication in vitro by increasing template activity. To study the effect of TP inExpand
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Adenovirus DNA replication: The function of the covalently bound terminal protein
Initiation of Adenovirus DNA replicationin vitro requires the presence of three viral proteins (pTP, pol, DBP) and two cellular transcription factors, NFI and Oct-1, that stimulate replication moreExpand
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Shuttle vectors conferring hygromycin B resistance to E. coli and to mammalian cells. Differential expression of carboxyterminal fusion proteins.
Shuttle vectors expressing resistance to hygromycin B in both E. coli and in mammalian cells were constructed. A combination of the simian virus 40 early promoter upstream of the native bacterialExpand
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Stable expression of antibiotic resistance genes using a promoter fragment of the U1 snRNA gene
As U1 snRNA is produced in all mammalian cell types, antibiotic resistance genes driven by this promoter would be ideally suited as genetic selection markers. However, although the U1 snRNA gene isExpand
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