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Polarity correspondence: A general principle for performance of speeded binary classification tasks.
Differences in performance with various stimulus-response mappings are among the most prevalent findings for binary choice reaction tasks. The authors show that perceptual or conceptual similarity isExpand
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A feature-integration account of sequential effects in the Simon task
Recent studies have shown that the effects of irrelevant spatial stimulus-response (S-R) correspondence (i.e., the Simon effect) occur only after trials in which the stimulus and response locationsExpand
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Qualitative Research Methods
Public health researchers aim to address complex and multifaceted problems that often require empirical data on key behavioral, cultural, and environmental questions. The other methods covered inExpand
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The influence of irrelevant location information on performance: A review of the Simon and spatial Stroop effects
  • C. Lu, R. Proctor
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Psychonomic bulletin & review
  • 1 June 1995
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of irrelevant location information on performance of visual choice-reaction tasks. We review empirical findings and theoretical explanationsExpand
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A comparison of two response time models applied to perceptual matching
Two models, a Poisson race model and a diffusion model, are fit to data from a perceptual matching task. In each model, information about the similarity or the difference between two stimuliExpand
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Human factors in simple and complex systems
Historical Foundations of Human Factors Historical Foundations of Human Factors Research Methods in Human Factors Reliability and Human Error in Systems Human Information Processing PerceptualExpand
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The object-based Simon effect: grasping affordance or relative location of the graspable part?
Reaction time is often shorter when the irrelevant graspable handle of an object corresponds with the location of a keypress response to the relevant attribute than when it does not. ThisExpand
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Improving password security and memorability to protect personal and organizational information
Personal information and organizational information need to be protected, which requires that only authorized users gain access to the information. The most commonly used method for authenticatingExpand
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A review of contemporary ideomotor theory.
A framework for action planning, called ideomotor theory, suggests that actions are represented by their perceivable effects. Thus, any activation of the effect image, either endogenously orExpand
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Skill acquisition and human performance
Foundations of Skill Research Perceptual Skill Response-Selection Skill Motor Skill Performance of Multiple Tasks Learning through Experiences Problem Solving Skill The Development of ExpertiseExpand
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