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The Stellar Winds of 203 Galactic O Stars: A Quantitative Ultraviolet Survey
Measurements of the resonance lines of C IV, N V, and Si IV in a sample of 203 O stars observed using IUE in a high-resolution mode are presented. The data are discussed using a consistent set of
Cross-correlation characteristics of OB stars from IUE spectroscopy
We present a catalogue of homogeneous measures of the linewidth parameter, v(e) sin i, for 373 O-type stars and early B supergiants (including the separate components of 25 binary and three triple
Terminal Velocities for a Large Sample of O Stars, B Supergiants, and Wolf-Rayet Stars
It is argued that easily measured, reliable estimates of terminal velocities for early-type stars are provided by the central velocity asymptotically approached by narrow absorption features and by
The Discordance of Mass-Loss Estimates for Galactic O-Type Stars
We have determined accurate values of the product of the mass-loss rate and the ion fraction of P+4, Mq(P+4), for a sample of 40 Galactic O-type stars by fitting stellar wind profiles to observations
Quantitative studies of the optical and UV spectra of Galactic early B supergiants - I. Fundamental parameters
Aims. We undertake an optical and ultraviolet spectroscopic analysis of a sample of 20 Galactic B0-B5 supergiants of luminosity classes Ia, Ib, Iab, and II. Fundamental stellar parameters are
Ultraviolet observations of stellar winds in Be and ‘normal’ B non-supergiant stars
Un ensemble homogene de mesures des densites de colonne et des vitesses de vent est presente pour 40 etoiles Be de premier type (B0-B5) et 40 etoiles B non supergeantes sur la base d'ajustements de
The IUE MEGA Campaign: The Rotationally Modulated Wind of ζ Puppis
We discuss 16 days of intensive IUE observations of the Si IV doublet (λ1400) in the spectrum of the O4 I(n)f star ζ Pup. The data show continuous variability throughout the greater part of the
The winds from six dwarf novae and four nova-like cataclysmic variables are studied using 31 high-resolution IUE spectra. The data provide details on the time- and phase-averaged nature of
Photospheric and stellar wind variability in epsilon Ori (B0 Ia)
We provide direct observational evidence for a link between photospheric activity and perturbations in the dense inner-most stellar wind regions of the B supergiant starOri. The results, which are
EChO - Exoplanet Characterisation Observatory
A dedicated mission to investigate exoplanetary atmospheres represents a major milestone in our quest to understand our place in the universe by placing our Solar System in context and by addressing