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Food Sharing Among Ache Foragers: Tests of Explanatory Hypotheses [and Comments and Reply]
This paper aims to describe and explain aspects of food sharing among Ache hunter-gatherers of eastern Paraguay. Food sharing has been widely held to be a fundamental feature of the hunting andExpand
Wildlife Harvesting and Sustainable Regional Native Economy in the Hudson and James Bay Lowland, Ontario
To assist the Omushkego Cree in planning a community and regional economic development strategy that takes into account the traditional economy, we developed appropriate methodologies to investigateExpand
The Persistence of Aboriginal Land Use: Fish and Wildlife Harvest Areas in the Hudson and James Bay Lowland, Ontario
The question of the extent and importance of contemporary aboriginal land use in the Canadian North remains controversial, despite more than 20 studies undertaken since the mid-1970s to documentExpand
Mental Imagery Cultivation as a Cultural Phenomenon: The Role of Visions in Shamanism [and Comments and Reply]
The ability to experience mental imagery is innate in human beings. "Mental imagery cultivation" is proposed to identify technological traditions devoted to the deliberate, repeated induction ofExpand
North American Trees
Completely updated, this new edition continues the grand tradition of this classic reference covering trees of North America excluding Mexico and tropical Florida. This handbook has been designed toExpand
The Mission of Metaphor in Expressive Culture [and Comments and Reply]
The reappearance of the metaphor concept in ethnologic inquiry suggests the need for a clearer trope-ology than we now possess. Metaphor (and metonym) is defined here as the predication of aExpand
Cree narrative : expressing the personal meanings of events
Based primarily on the oral accounts of John Blackned, Cree Narrative offers a detailed account of traditional Cree society. The result is an integrated picture of Cree thought, feelings, and beliefsExpand
“Going in Between”: The Impact of European Technology on the Work Patterns of the West Main Cree of Northern Ontario
The West Main Cree of northern Ontario adapted readily but selectively to the European technologies and institutions made available by the fur trade. Yet some basic cultural and psychologicalExpand