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Interior structure and seasonal mass redistribution of Mars from radio tracking of Mars Pathfinder.
Doppler and range measurements to the Mars Pathfinder lander made using its radio communications system have been combined with similar measurements from the Viking landers to estimate improvedExpand
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Fluorescence microscopy methods for yeast.
Publisher Summary This chapter reviews and provides detailed protocols for the application of immunofluorescence and other fluorescence-microscopic procedures to yeast. These procedures play a roleExpand
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The Subparsec-Scale Structure and Evolution of Centaurus A: The Nearest Active Radio Galaxy
?????The subparsec-scale structure of Cen A is complex, consisting of a bright jet and a fainter counterjet. The bright jet contains components that have subluminal speeds of approximately 0.1c andExpand
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PKS 1830-211: A Possible Compound Gravitational Lens
Measurements of the properties of gravitational lenses have the power to tell us what sort of universe we live in. The brightest known radio Einstein ring/gravitational lens PKS 1830-211, whileExpand
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A VLBI survey at 2.29 GHz
VLBI observations at 2.29 GHz with fringe spacings of about 3 milliarcsec have been performed on 1398 radio sources spread over the entire sky. 917 sources were detected, including 93 percent of theExpand
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Assay of vacuolar pH in yeast and identification of acidification-defective mutants.
As part of a genetic analysis of the biogenesis and function of the vacuole (lysosome) in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, assays of vacuolar pH were developed and used to identify mutantsExpand
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Stellar encounters with the solar system
We continue our search, based on Hipparcos data, for stars which have encountered or will encounter the solar system (Garcia-Sanchez et al. [CITE]). Hipparcos parallax and proper motion data areExpand
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The VPH1 gene encodes a 95-kDa integral membrane polypeptide required for in vivo assembly and activity of the yeast vacuolar H(+)-ATPase.
Yeast vacuolar acidification-defective (vph) mutants were identified using the pH-sensitive fluorescence of 6-carboxyfluorescein diacetate (Preston, R. A., Murphy, R. F., and Jones, E. W. (1989)Expand
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Astrometric Detection of a Low Mass Companion Orbiting the Star AB Doradus
We report submilliarcsecond-precise astrometric measurements for the late-type star AB Doradus via a combination of VLBI (very long baseline interferometry) and HIPPARCOS data. Our astrometricExpand
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