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Effect of flexural modes on squeeze film damping in MEMS cantilever resonators
We present an analytical model that gives the values of squeeze film damping and spring coefficients for MEMS cantilever resonators taking into account the effect of flexural modes of the resonator.Expand
Elasto-Electrostatic Analysis of Circular Microplates Used in Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers
The active structural component of a capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) is the top plate which vibrates under the influence of a time-varying electrostatic force thereby producingExpand
A semi-analytical model for squeeze-film damping including rarefaction in a MEMS torsion mirror with complex geometry
A semi-analytical approach is presented to model the effects of complicated boundary conditions and rarefaction on the squeeze-film damping dependent quality factor in a double-gimballed MEMS torsionExpand
Persistent Passive Hopping and Juggling is Possible Even With Plastic Collisions
It is shown that internal passive system motions can conspire to eliminate collisions in these systems, and the existence of such special energy conserving solutions for hopping and juggling points to possibly useful strategies for both animals and robots. Expand
Analytical solution of the modified Reynolds equation for squeeze film damping in perforated MEMS structures
The squeeze-film damping in perforated structures is modelled using a modified Reynolds equation that includes compressibility and rarefaction effect. This equation is linearized and transformed toExpand
We investigate the in-flight dynamics of a simplified model of a supercavitating body. In particular we are interested in the nature and frequency of the impacts which occur as the tail of the bodyExpand
Squeeze Film Effects in MEMS Devices
Squeeze film effects naturally occur in dynamic MEMS structures because most of these structures employ parallel plates or beams that trap a very thin film of air or some other gas between theExpand
Studies on the dynamics of a supercavitating projectile
Due to imperfect water entry, a high speed supercavitating projectile, while moving in the forward direction, rotates inside the cavity. This rotation leads to a series of impacts between theExpand
Influence of Boundary Conditions on the Dynamic Characteristics of Squeeze Films in MEMS Devices
Micromechanical structures that have squeeze-film damping as the dominant energy dissipation mechanism are of interest in this paper. For such structures with narrow air gap, the Reynolds equation isExpand
Material selection for MEMS devices
As MEMS design matures and migrates from process centric design to performance based design, MEMS designers would need a rational method for selecting an appropriate material that is not based onExpand