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Word Embeddings Pointing the Way for Late Antiquity
We use a word2vec model trained on over one billion words of Latin to investigate the relationships between persons and concepts of interest from works of the 6 th -century scholar Cassiodorus. Expand
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Rethinking intertextuality through a word-space and social network approach – the case of Cassiodorus
Continuous space representations of words are currently at the core of many state-of-the-art approaches in computational linguistics. The distributional hypothesis, summarised as: 'You shall know aExpand
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Re-anchoring Rome’s Protection in Constantinople : The pignora imperii in Late Antiquity and Byzantium
This paper uses the conceptual framework of “Anchoring Innovation”, which is being developed by OIKOS, the Dutch National Research School in Classical Studies, in order to assess matters of religiousExpand
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An Approach Spot Market for LNG
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Antiquarianism in the sixth century AD: Easing The shift from Rome to Constantinople
Une source fondamentale du malaise culturel de l’Antiquite tardive fut la chute de l’Empire romain et la transmission du pouvoir et du prestige imperial de Rome a Constantinople. Cet article analyse,Expand
Transition in LNG Markets Combining Agent-Based Modeling and Equation Based Modeling
In pursuit of grasping transitions in LNG markets, we present a simulation model combining Agent-Based and Equation based features. Actors modelled as agents in this model explicate theirExpand
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Makarios’ cycle of epigrams on the Psalms Bodleian Baroccianus 194
Abstract This article provides the editio princeps of a cycle of eight dodecasyllabic poems on the Psalms preserved in Bodleian Baroccianus 194 (15th century). Four of these poems are also present inExpand
From Rome to Constantinople : antiquarian echoes of cultural trauma in the sixth century
Deze dissertatie handelt over de culturele betekenis van het fenomeen antiquarianisme in de zesde eeuw n.C. Het fenomeen antiquarianisme bleek, mits een beredeneerde herdefinitie, een nuttigExpand
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