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Leader-member exchange theory in higher and distance education
Unlike many other prominent leadership theories, leader-member exchange (LMX) theory does not focus on the specific characteristics of an effective organizational leader. Rather, LMX focuses on theExpand
Using the mTSES to Evaluate and Optimize mLearning Professional Development.
The impact of targeted professional development activities on teachers’ perceptions of self-efficacy with mobile learning remains understudied. Power (2015a) used the Mobile Teacher’s Sense ofExpand
Hardship, dedication and investment: an exploration of Irish mothers commitment to communicating with their children with cerebral palsy.
This qualitative study investigated the experiences of mothers who have a child with communication difficulties resulting from cerebral palsy (CP). There is a dearth of information about parents'Expand
Why do homosexual men continue to practise unsafe sex? A critical review of a qualitative research paper.
Introduction techniques usingindepthquestioning inindividual interviews andfocused group discussions are particularly suited to exploring thefactors thatinfluence behaviour. Qualitative researchersExpand
Supporting Mobile Instructional Design with CSAM
Teachers’ proficiency with emerging technologies has been identified as a cornerstone of a well-rounded modern curriculum that includes the development of students’ digital literacy skills. TheExpand
Collaborative Situated Active Mobile (CSAM) learning strategies: a new perspective on effective mobile learning
Effective instructional design is not a haphazard affair: careful attention must be paid to the selection of instructional strategies that fit with the objectives of the learning activities, and withExpand