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The Romance Languages
This chapter discusses the similarities and differences between Latin and Romance, as well as the causes of convergence, inter-influence and parallel development in the Romance languages. Expand
Linguistic change in French
Introduction 1. Defining the Domain 2. Sociolinguistic History of French 3. Processes of Linguistic Change 4. Lexical Change 5. Semantic Change 6. Phonological Change 7. Morphological Change 8.Expand
Creolization as Typological Change: Some Examples from Romance Syntax
SUMMARYIs 'creolization' a process that differs fundamentally from other kinds of linguistic change? Recent debate centers round Bickerto/i's 'Language Bioprogram Hypothesis' (LBH), according toExpand
Incidence of exertional rhabdomyolysis in polo horses in the USA and the United Kingdom in the 1999/2000 season
A more excitable than average temperament was reported in 71 per cent of the horses with the condition, and most cases occurred after a game in which the horse was perceived to be not fit enough for the level of play demanded. Expand
Non-agreement on Romance disagreements'
i. Frans Plank (I984), in the context of discussion of possible universal constraints on linguistic rules, wonders whether phonology can 'interfere' with syntax: he adduces examples of 'RomanceExpand
A Socio-Technical and Co-evolutionary Framework for Reducing Human-Related Risks in Cyber Security and Cybercrime Ecosystems
The ability of cyber security as a whole to adapt and evolve to keep up with adaptive, innovative attackers in a rapidly-changing technological, business and social landscape, in which personal preferences of users are also dynamically evolving is seriously constrains. Expand
Historical linguistics, language change and the history of French
This is a personal delineation of part of a methodology for the History of the French Language, aiming to combine the methodology of linguistics with that of history proper. Both traditional andExpand