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Treatment strategies for allergy and asthma
Allergic diseases have reached epidemic proportions worldwide. An understanding of the cellular and soluble mediators that are involved in allergic inflammatory responses not only helps inExpand
EffiCiency and Safety of an eLectronic cigAreTte (ECLAT) as Tobacco Cigarettes Substitute: A Prospective 12-Month Randomized Control Design Study
Background Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are becoming increasingly popular with smokers worldwide. Users report buying them to help quit smoking, to reduce cigarette consumption, to relieveExpand
Involvement of the epidermal growth factor receptor in epithelial repair in asthma
Epithelial damage and airway remodeling are consistent features of bronchial asthma and are correlated with disease chronicity, severity, and bronchial hyperreactivity. To examine the mechanisms thatExpand
Safety evaluation and risk assessment of electronic cigarettes as tobacco cigarette substitutes: a systematic review
Electronic cigarettes are a recent development in tobacco harm reduction. They are marketed as less harmful alternatives to smoking. Awareness and use of these devices has grown exponentially inExpand
Effect of an electronic nicotine delivery device (e-Cigarette) on smoking reduction and cessation: a prospective 6-month pilot study
BackgroundCigarette smoking is a tough addiction to break. Therefore, improved approaches to smoking cessation are necessary. The electronic-cigarette (e-Cigarette), a battery-powered electronicExpand
The mechanisms, diagnosis, and management of severe asthma in adults
There has been a recent increase in the prevalence of asthma worldwide; however, the 5-10% of patients with severe disease account for a substantial proportion of the health costs. Although mostExpand
Smoking and asthma: dangerous liaisons
Cigarette smoking and asthma interact to induce important adverse effects on clinical, prognostic and therapeutic outcomes. This review examines recent evidence on the harmful effects of smoking inExpand
Common predictors of smoking cessation in clinical practice.
Although smoking cessation is clearly beneficial, many smokers respond poorly to smoking cessation efforts with rather disappointing overall success rate of long-term abstinence. The perceived lackExpand
Adenosine receptors as targets for therapeutic intervention in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are pulmonary disorders characterized by various degrees of inflammation and tissue remodeling. Adenosine is a signaling molecule that isExpand
The Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes.