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Imaging of the human choroid with a 1.7 MHz A-scan rate FDML swept source OCT system
We demonstrate OCT angiography (OCTA) and Doppler OCT imaging of the choroid in the eyes of two healthy volunteers and in a geographic atrophy case. We show that visualization of specific choroidal
Management of chickpea wilt through combination of fungicides and bioagents
Amongst three isolates of Trichoderma harzianum from rhizosphere (TH-1) and non-rhizosphere (TH-2 and TH-3) soils of chickpea field, TH-1 exhibited highest antagonistic activity against Fusarium
Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Techniques: A Review and current trends
Methods, techniques and approaches successfully demonstrated for measuring or monitoring blood glucose, including invasive, minimally invasive and noninvasive techniques available in literature are summarised.
Characterization and functional analysis of eugenol O-methyltransferase gene reveal metabolite shifts, chemotype specific differential expression and developmental regulation in Ocimum tenuiflorum L.
Eugenol-O-methyltransferase (EOMT) transcripts showed enhanced expression in juvenile stage that increased further during preflowering but decreased at flowering and further at postflowering, and the expression patterns may possibly be compared and correlated to the amounts of eugenol/isoeugenol and methyleugenol in different developmental stages of all chemotypes.
De Novo Assembled Wheat Transcriptomes Delineate Differentially Expressed Host Genes in Response to Leaf Rust Infection
The conceptual model of induced resistance in wheat contributes insights on defense responses and imparts knowledge of Puccinia triticina-induced defense transcripts in wheat plants.
Challenges and advantages in wide-field optical coherence tomography angiography imaging of the human retinal and choroidal vasculature at 1.7-MHz A-scan rate
Noninvasive, three-dimensional, depth-resolved imaging of human retinal and choroidal blood circulation with a swept-source optical coherence tomography (OCT) system at 1065-nm center wavelength is presented.
Correlation between glucose concentration and reduced scattering coefficients in turbid media using optical coherence tomography
Optical coherence tomography known for its high axial resolution imaging modality is adopted in this article for monitoring glucose levels in tissue-like media, non-invasively, to establish a correlation between the glucose concentration and reduced scattering coefficient.
Homology model, molecular dynamics simulation and novel pyrazole analogs design of Candida albicans CYP450 lanosterol 14 α-demethylase, a target enzyme for antifungal therapy
Novel designed pyrazole analogs (SGS1-16) docked on chimeric 1EA1 and revealed that SGS-16 show good binding affinity through non-bonding interaction with the heme, which is different from the leading azole antifungals.
In vitro 3D anterior segment imaging in lamb eye with extended depth range swept source optical coherence tomography
A complex conjugate resolved, extended depth range, high speed 1 μm swept-source optical coherence tomography (SSOCT) provides a dense three-dimensional (3-D) imaging of the entire anterior segment