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Calbindin and calretinin localization in retina from different species.
Calbindin-D28K and calretinin are homologous calcium-binding proteins localized in many neurons of the central nervous systems. We have compared polyclonal antibodies against calbindin and calretininExpand
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Impaired blood–brain and blood–spinal cord barriers in mutant SOD1-linked ALS rat
Blood-brain barrier (BBB) and blood-spinal cord barrier (BSCB) impairment is an additional accident occurring during the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) progression. In this work, we aimed toExpand
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Expression pattern of the orphan receptor LGR4/GPR48 gene in the mouse
Leucine-rich G-protein-coupled Receptors (LGR) constitute a subfamily of receptors related to glycoprotein hormone receptors. Amongst them, LGR4, LGR5 and LGR6 form a cluster for which naturalExpand
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Calmodulin and calbindin localization in retina from six vertebrate species
Calmodulin is abundant in the central nervous system, including the retina. However, the localization of calmodulin in the retina has not been described in detail. We therefore decided to investigateExpand
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Brain and spinal cord affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis induce differential growth factors expression in rat mesenchymal and neural stem cells
C. Nicaise, D. Mitrecic and R. Pochet (2011) Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology37, 179–188
Brain and spinal cord affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis induce differential growth factorsExpand
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Impaired long-term potentiation induction in dentate gyrus of calretinin-deficient mice.
Calretinin (Cr) is a Ca2+ binding protein present in various populations of neurons distributed in the central and peripheral nervous systems. We have generated Cr-deficient (Cr-/-) mice by geneExpand
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Calbindin in vertebrate classes: immunohistochemical localization and Western blot analysis.
Calbindin immunoreactivity was investigated in various vertebrates. Positive labeling was observed in the absorptive cells of the duodenum of all birds and reptiles but not in mammals, amphibia, orExpand
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Topographical organization of the projections from physiologically identified areas of the motor cortex to the striatum in the rat
The present study was undertaken to determine in the rat the topography of the neostriatal projections originating from the motor cortex. For that purpose, anterograde tracers (Phaseolus vulgarisExpand
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Supratentorial Pilocytic Astrocytomas, Astrocytomas, Anaplastic Astrocytomas and Glioblastomas are Characterized by a Differential Expression of S100 Proteins
The levels of expression of the S100A1, S100A2, S100A3, S100A4, S100A5, S100A6 and S100B proteins were immunohistochemically assayed and quantitatively determined in a series of 95 astrocytic tumorsExpand
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Transient expression of calretinin during development of chick cerebellum Comparison with calbindin-D28k
Calcium ions play a critical role in neural development. Insights into the ontogeny of Ca2+ homeostasis were gained by investigating the developmental expression of two E-F hand calcium-bindingExpand
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