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Nonnegative Matrices in the Mathematical Sciences
1. Matrices which leave a cone invariant 2. Nonnegative matrices 3. Semigroups of nonnegative matrices 4. Symmetric nonnegative matrices 5. Generalized inverse- Positivity 6. M-matrices 7. IterativeExpand
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Nonnegative matrices in the mathematical science
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Algorithms and applications for approximate nonnegative matrix factorization
The development and use of low-rank approximate nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) algorithms for feature extraction and identification in the fields of text mining and spectral data analysis. Expand
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Nonnegative matrix factorization for spectral data analysis
Data analysis is pervasive throughout business, engineering and science. Very often the data to be analyzed is nonnegative, and it is often preferable to take this constraint into account in theExpand
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Document clustering using nonnegative matrix factorization
A methodology for automatically identifying and clustering semantic features or topics in a heterogeneous text collection is presented. Expand
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M-matrix characterizations.I—nonsingular M-matrices
Abstract The purpose of this survey is to classify systematically a widely ranging list of characterizations of nonsingular M -matrices from the economics and mathematics literatures. TheseExpand
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Convergent nonnegative matrices and iterative methods for consistent linear systems
SummaryIn this paper we study linear stationary iterative methods with nonnegative iteration matrices for solving singular and consistent systems of linear equationsAx=b. The iteration matrices forExpand
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FFT-based preconditioners for Toeplitz-block least squares problems
Discretized two-dimensional deconvolution problems arising, e.g., in image restoration and seismic tomography, can be formulated as least squares computations, $\min \| {b - Tx} \|_2 $, where T isExpand
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