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Object-based crop identification using multiple vegetation indices, textural features and crop phenology
Abstract Crop identification on specific parcels and the assessment of soil management practices are important for agro-ecological studies, greenhouse gas modeling, and agrarian policy development.Expand
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Site-specific management: the application of information technology to crop production
Site-specific management (SSM; also called, precision agriculture) is the management of agricultural crops at a spatial scale smaller than that of the whole field. Widespread farmer adoption of SSMExpand
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Spatial Data Analysis in Ecology and Agriculture Using R
Working with Spatial Data Analysis of Spatial Data Data Sets Analyzed in This Book R Programming Environment R Basics Programming Concepts Handling Data in R Writing Functions in R Graphics in RExpand
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Analyses of the dispersal of sterile Mediterranean fruit flies (Diptera : Tephritidae) released from a point source
One of the most common methods of studying insect dispersal is the recapture of members of a population released at a single time from a single location. This procedure especially lends itself toExpand
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Remotely sensed electromagnetic reflectance data can provide at relatively low cost a set of detailed, spatially distributed data on plant growth and development. Vegetation indices based onExpand
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From trickle to flood: the large-scale, cryptic invasion of California by tropical fruit flies
Since 1954, when the first tropical tephritid fruit fly was detected in California, a total of 17 species in four genera and 11 386 individuals (adults/larvae) have been detected in the state at moreExpand
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Direct measurement of onset and offset phonation threshold pressure in normal subjects.
Phonation threshold pressures were directly measured in five normal subjects in a variety of voicing conditions. The effects of fundamental frequency, intensity, closure speed of the vocal folds, andExpand
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Editorial: Applications of apparent soil electrical conductivity in precision agriculture
Sustainable agriculture is considered the most viable means of meeting future food needs for the world's increasing population through its goal of delicately balancing crop productivity,Expand
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Object-Based Image Classification of Summer Crops with Machine Learning Methods
The strategic management of agricultural lands involves crop field monitoring each year. Expand
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Using apparent soil electrical conductivity (ECa) to characterize vineyard soils of high clay content
The adoption of precision viticulture requires a detailed knowledge of variation in soil chemical, physical and profile properties. This study evaluates the usefulness of apparent electricalExpand
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