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The Simplest Proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem.
Fermat’s last theorem for n(> 2) can be stated thus: There are non-trivial integers x, y, z satisfying the equation z = y + x, (x, y) = 1, n > 2. Rearranging and relabeling the integers, we canExpand
Method of Infinite Descent and proof of Fermat's last theorem for n = 3
Fermat proved one of his theorems that the area of a Pythagorean triangle can not be a square of an integer using his powerful mathematical tool of method of infinite descent and the most generalExpand
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Physical meaning and theoretical description of anomalous absorption of light ion partial waves by nuclear optical potential
An interesting phenomenon relating to the nuclear optical potential was discovered [1] [2],[3]which is called the anomalous absorption of partial waves by the nuclear optical potential. It is found,Expand
Mean Value Theorem and Fermat's Last Theorem for n=3
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