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Use of ecosystem services economic valuation for decision making: questioning a literature blindspot.
Ecosystem Services economic Valuation (ESV) is often seen as a tool that can potentially enhance our collective choices regarding ecosystem services as it factors in the costs and benefits of theirExpand
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Market-based instruments for biodiversity and ecosystem services: A lexicon
Abstract Although market-based instruments (MBIs) gained prominence in discourses and practice in the field of biodiversity conservation and provision of ecosystem services, their definition andExpand
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A methodology to estimate impacts of domestic policies on deforestation: Compensated Successful Efforts for “avoided deforestation” (REDD)
Climate change mitigation would benefit from Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) in developing countries. The REDD mechanism is in charge of distilling the right incentivesExpand
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Agriculture and Deforestation: Is REDD+ Rooted In Evidence?
This article deals with the links between agricultural technologies and tropical deforestation in order to determine whether and how the REDD+ mechanism (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation andExpand
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Biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation: a way out of the deadlock?
The rural poor often depend on biodiversity for a wide range of natural resources and ecosystem services essential for their well-being, and are therefore potentially affected by its degradation.Expand
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Payments for Environmental Services (PES) in the public policy landscape: “Mandatory” spices in the Indonesian recipe
The underlying principle of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) is based on contractual payments to users of a natural resource, such payments being subject to the condition that PES maintain aExpand
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Overlapping Land Claims Limit the Use of Satellites to Monitor No‐Deforestation Commitments and No‐Burning Compliance
Worldwide many businesses have recently pledged to sourcing agricultural and timber products exclusively from deforestation and fire-free supply chains. Geoinvestigations—monitoring the activities ofExpand
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The Revival of industrial forest plantations in Indonesia's Kalimantan Provinces: Will they help eliminate fiber shortfalls at Sumatran pulp mills or feed the China market
Cette publication a pour objectif de mettre en perspective les strategies d'approvisionnement des principales usines papetieres en Indonesie avec les potentiels de production des plantations etabliesExpand
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Zero-deforestation commitments in Indonesia Governance challenges
HighlightsZero-deforestation commitments are emerging rapidly in Indonesia. They already encompass a large portion of crude palm oil production and almost all the pulp and paper (PP typically, theyExpand
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