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Hegel's Practical Philosophy: Rational Agency as Ethical Life
Acknowledgements Part I. Spirit: 1. Introduction: leading a free life 2. Naturalness and mindedness: Hegel's compatibilism 3. On giving oneself the law 4. The actualization of freedom Part II.Expand
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Modernism as a Philosophical Problem: On the Dissatisfactions of European High Culture
Introduction - the modernit problem modernity and modernism idealism and modernity "nihilism stands at the door" - Nietzsche "the age of consummate meaninglessness" - Heidegger unending modernity.
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Hegel's idealism : the satisfactions of self-consciousness
Acknowledgments Primary texts abbreviations Part I. The Idealist Background: 1. Introduction 2. Kantian and Hegelian idealism 3. Fichte's contribution 4. The Jena formulations Part II. TheExpand
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Hegel's Practical Philosophy
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What Was Abstract Art? (From the Point of View of Hegel)
  • R. Pippin
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  • 1 September 2002
1 I am much indebted to Thomas Pavel for his comments on an earlier draft of this paper, to Thomas, Eric Santner, and Terry Pinkard for many fruitful conversations about Hegel’s Lectures during aExpand
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The practice of value
INTRODUCTION THE PRACTICE OF VALUE Social Dependence without Relativism The Implications of Value Pluralism Change and Understanding COMMENTS The Dependence of Value on Humanity The Conditions ofExpand
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Authenticity in Painting: Remarks on Michael Fried’s Art History
My topic is authenticity in or perhaps as painting, not the authenticity of paintings; I know next to nothing about the problem of verifying claims of authorship. I am interested in another kind ofExpand
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Naturalness and Mindedness: Hegel' Compatibilism
The problem of freedom in modern philosophy has three basic components: (i) what is freedom, or what would it be to act freely? (ii) Is it possible so to act? (iii) And how important is leading aExpand
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