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Mechanical properties of micro-sized copper bending beams machined by the focused ion beam technique
Abstract Micro-sized bending beams with thicknesses, t , from 7.5 down to 1.0 μm were fabricated with the focused ion beam technique from a copper single crystal with an {1 1 1}〈0 1 1〉 orientation.Expand
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Saturation of Fragmentation During Severe Plastic Deformation
In this review, we focus on the saturation microstructure that evolves during severe plastic deformation (SPD). These nanocrystalline or ultrafinegrained microstructures consist predominantly ofExpand
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A further step towards an understanding of size-dependent crystal plasticity: In situ tension experiments of miniaturized single-crystal copper samples
Abstract A method for in situ testing of miniaturized tension specimen was developed. The size effects of the plastic deformation behavior of copper single crystals loaded along the 〈−2 3 4〉Expand
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Characterization of the fracture toughness of micro-sized tungsten single crystal notched specimens
Fracture experiments using micrometer-sized notched cantilevers were conducted to investigate the possibility of determining fracture mechanical parameters for the semi-brittle material tungsten. TheExpand
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A comparative micro-cantilever study of the mechanical behavior of silicon based passivation films
A comprehensive study on the mechanical behavior of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited silicon oxide, oxynitride and nitride thin films is provided. Hardness, Young's modulus, yield stress,Expand
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Ab initio calculations of grain boundaries in bcc metals
In this study, we compute grain boundary (GB) properties for a large set of GBs in bcc transition metals with a special focus on W, Mo and Fe using ab initio density functional theory (DFT) andExpand
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Mechanical properties, microstructure and thermal stability of a nanocrystalline CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy after severe plastic deformation
Abstract An equiatomic CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy (HEA), produced by arc melting and drop casting, was subjected to severe plastic deformation (SPD) using high-pressure torsion. This processExpand
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On the homogeneity of deformation by high pressure torsion
Abstract Microstructures and microhardness have been carefully characterized for an austenitic steel deformed by High Pressure Torsion up to 16 total revolutions. A nearly idealized torsionExpand
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Recent progress in research on tungsten materials for nuclear fusion applications in Europe
The current magnetic confinement nuclear fusion power reactor concepts going beyond ITER are based on assumptions about the availability of materials with extreme mechanical, heat, and neutron loadExpand
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Three-dimensional finite element simulation of a polycrystalline copper specimen
The application of crystal plasticity in finite element codes provides a virtual copy of a real grain structure, including stress–strain state and slip system activity. This paper presents, first,Expand
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