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Improvement of the efficiency of a bare solar collector by means of turbulence promoters
A steady-state mathematical model was developed for a bare collector. Results obtained by Sparrow and Tao (Sparrow, E. M. & Tao, W. Q. Enhanced heat transfer in a flat rectangular duct with
[Ultraviolet radiation impact on seasonal variations of serum 25-hydroxy-vitamin D in healthy young adults in Buenos Aires].
Seasonal variation in serum 25OHD levels was observed with significantly higher levels in summer in both gender, and DCI was lower than recommended and did not correlate with 25O HD levels, which were significantly lower in winter than in summer.
Climate change and human skin cancer.
It can be concluded that the temperature rises coming with climate change can indeed amplify the induction of non-melanoma skin cancers by UV radiation in human populations.
Effects of clouds on erythemal and total irradiance as derived from data of the Argentine Network
[1] Ultraviolet (UV) erythemal and total (300–3000 nm) irradiance measurements of the Argentine Servicio Meteorologico Nacional Network were related to ground-based cloud observations. No
High-Up: A Remote Reservoir of Microbial Extremophiles in Central Andean Wetlands
This work reviews HAAL microbiodiversity, taking into account different microbial niches, such as plankton, benthos, microbial mats and microbialites, and stresses the importance of HAAL microbes as model poly-extremophiles in the study of the molecular mechanisms underlying their resistance ability against UV and toxic or deleterious chemicals using genome mining and functional genomics.
Proposal for a modification of the UVI risk scale.
Suggestions are made to improve the international applicability of the UVI scale to make it more relevant to the region and its population.
Daily UV radiation modeling with the usage of statistical correlations and artificial neural networks
The information regarding solar UV radiation (UVA + UVB) in Brazil and around the world is scarce with low spatial and temporal coverage. This information scarcity, due to the small number of
Sensitivity of Biologically Active UV Radiation to Stratospheric Ozone Changes: Effects of Action Spectrum Shape and Wavelength Range¶
It is shown that RAF may be overestimated substantially if the UV-A portion of an action spectrum is significant but is neglected, and the use of this action spectrum in O3-related studies can be compromised.
Effects of urban green areas on air temperature in a medium-sized Argentinian city
Urban climate is the result of both atmospheric and geographic factors affecting a region, as well as the morphology, structures and human activities in a city. Urban vegetation in particular affects
Effect of clouds on UV and total irradiance at Paradise Bay, Antarctic Peninsula, from a summer 2000 campaign
Summary¶The analysis of ground-based measurements of solar erythemal ultraviolet (UV) irradiance with a Solar Light 501 biometer, and total (300–3000 nm) irradiance with an Eppley B&W pyranometer at