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Laser Beam Propagation Through Random Media
Random Processes and Random Fields Optical Turbulence in the Atmosphere Free-Space Propagation of Gaussian-Beam Waves Classical Theory of Optical Wave Propagation Line-of-Sight Propagation - WeakExpand
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Mathematical model for the irradiance probability density function of a laser beam propagating through turbulent media
We develop a model for the probability density function (pdf) of the irradiance fluctuations of an optical wave propagating through a turbulent medium. The model is a two-parameter distribution thatExpand
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Laser Beam Scintillation with Applications
Optical Wave Propagation In Random Media - Background Review Optical Scintillation Modelling Theory Of Scintillation - Plane Wave Model Theory Of Scintillation - Spherical Wave Model Theory OfExpand
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Theory of optical scintillation
A heuristic model of irradiance fluctuations for a propagating optical wave in a weakly inhomogeneous medium is developed under the assumption that small-scale irradiance fluctuations are modulatedExpand
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Theory of optical scintillation: Gaussian-beam wave model
Under the assumption that small-scale irradiance fluctuations are modulated by large-scale irradiance fluctuations, we developed a heuristic model of irradiance fluctuations for a propagating opticalExpand
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Model for a partially coherent Gaussian beam in atmospheric turbulence with application in lasercom
Analytic expressions for the mutual coherence function (MCF) and the scintillation index of a partially coherent lowest order Gaussian beam wave propagating through the atmosphere (based onExpand
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Aperture averaging of optical scintillations: power fluctuations and the temporal spectrum
Abstract Using a recently developed theory of scintillation that is valid under all fluctuation conditions, including the focussing and saturation regimes, we develop general models for predictingExpand
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Spot size and divergence for Laguerre Gaussian beams of any order.
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Strehl ratio and scintillation theory for uplink Gaussian-beam waves: beam wander effects
First-order weak-fluctuation Rytov theory predicts that the longitudinal (on-axis) component of the scintillation index of an uplink collimated beam will become significantly smaller as the size ofExpand
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Mathematical Techniques for Engineers and Scientists
Fourier analysis, vector and tensor analysis, complex variables, partial differential equations, and random processes. Expand
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